African and Comparative Archaeology

The unit for African and Comparative Archaeology is an integral part of the archaeology subject.

The unit is headed by a professor, Paul J.J. Sinclair. Since the late 1980s, the unit has participated in a series of project financed i.a. by Sida/SAREC, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Vetenskapsrådet and MISTRA, some of which can be seen in the project archive.

The unit has been involved with archaeology departments and museum institutions in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas, often in bilateral or multilateral research projects. In some of these, post-graduate training has been an integral part, ensuring that knowledge and training is disseminated not only to the research community but also benefitting students and the general public in each participating country. The training has generated a number of fil.lic and PhD theses, and the unit is fortunate in seeing its alumni in many prestigious institutions all over the world.

Recently, for example, our alumn Innocent Pikirayi, also a docent at Uppsala University, was inaugurated as professor of Archaeology at the University of Pretoria. Professor Pikiray's thesis, supervised by professor Paul Sinclair, was defended in 1993. Here, Pikirayi discussed The Archaeological Identity of the Mutapa State: towards an historical archaeology of northern Zimbabwe.

Other alumni of the unit include Dr Marcos Michel López, Director of Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas y Arqueológicas at University of San Simon, La Páz, Bolivia, Dr Webber Ndoro, Director of the African World Heritage Fund, Dr Solange Macamo, University Museum, Maputo, Mozambique, Dr Raj Somadeva, Senior Lecturer (Archaeology) & Professor in Archaeology at PGIAR, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dr Lorraine Swan, Auzion Sustainable Solutions, Docent Anneli Ekblom, Research Fellow, Dept of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Dr Karl-Johan Lindholm, Researcher at SLU, Dr Christian Isendahl, Researcher, University of Gothenburg and many more.