Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Popular science

An important part of our activities is to present research and research results to the general public.

Our researchers talk on the radio and in other media, they give lectures and seminars in different fora, train future caretakers in heritage management, organise activities such as garbage archaeology and test excavations for children. We also give talks to school, with real artefact hands-on for children.


Here are links to some such activities

Pod radio: 2008-04-10 Frands Herschend about the department excavation in Kom el-Khawaled (Swedish, new window)

Book: Anders Kaliff, Dracula och hans arv - myt, fakta, fiktion (Swedish, new window)

Article: Gullög Nordquist, "Kvinnors makt och vanmakt i antikens Grekland", in Elin Wägnerssällskapets småskrifter nr 20//2011, Polväxling. (Swedish, new window)

The website for the Swedish Science Radio Vetenskapsradion has plenty of fun and interesting items to listen to (new window)

Interview with Lars Karlsson on Labraunda OBS dubbed to Turkish!