Mind & Nature

We are seven departments that collaborate across disciplines in Mind & Nature; Department of  Archival Science, Library & Information Science, and Museum & Heritage Studies (ALM), Department of Archaeology & Ancient History, Centre for Gender Research, Department of Art History, Department of History of Science and ideas, The Hugo Valentin Centre and Department of Cultural Anthroplogy and Ethnology.

We study the relationships between individuals, society & the environment in the form of spatial and temporal analyses. The aim is to understand and explain the interaction between humans and the environment in history and today.

Our research spans over three main themes:

  • The tension between the agency, political andlegal systems & environmental change
  • The interplay between perceptions and visual representations of the relationship between man and nature & natural resource management
  • How art, public debate, media contributes to shape debates on environmental issues, social justice & sustainable development

The research node consists of researchers and master students from different disciplines within the humanities. We work in research projects that span across four continents with cross-disciplinary studies of different temporal scales.