4. Material Culture, Cultural Diversity and Identity

Convenors: Christoph Kilger (christoph.kilger@arkeologi.uu.se) and Michael Lindblom (michael.lindblom@antiken.uu.se)


Joakim Kjellberg joakim.kjellberg@arkeologi.uu.se; Julia Habetzeder julia.habetzeder@antiken.uu.se; Andreas Hennius andreas.hennius@arkeologi.uu.se; Annika Larsson annika.larsson@arkeologi.uu.se; Elke Rogersdotter elke.rogersdotter@arkeologi.uu.se; Karin Ojala karin.ojala@arkeologi.uu.se; Michael Lindblom michael.lindblom@antiken.uu.se; Michael Neiss michael.neiss@arkeologi.uu.se; Nik Petek nik.petek@arkeologi.uu.se; Sabine Sten sabine.sten@arkeologi.uu.se; Alexander Andreeff alexander.andreeff@arkeologi.uu.se; Helene Martinsson-Wallin helene.martinsson-wallin@arkeologi.uu.se; Ing-Marie Back Danielsson ing-marie.back_danielsson@arkeologi.uu.se; Paul Wallin paul.wallin@arkeologi.uu.se
Chris Nuttall chris.nuttall@antiken.uu.se, Jhonny Therus, Jhonny.therus@arkeologi.uu.se


This cluster is a broad platform for scholars who want to share their thoughts and approaches to the material dimension of the past. Theories on material culture studies abound in recent years and the interest in the subject of materiality is at its peak. In this cluster we wish to explore different empirical dimensions of material culture and to focus on how we engage with the material sources in our interpretations. This includes different aspects of epistemology, ontology and methodological inquiry. There is also an explicit interest within the research group to discuss the potential of museums, collections and archives as resources and laboratories for different kinds of material studies.

Research interests within our cluster

  • Theories of materiality, value,  agency and practice
  • Material culture as a means of communication, production, exchange, gifting, allocating and transferring technological skills and resources etc
  • Concepts of mobility, fluidity, migrations, networks, and social changes as means of exploring material culture
  • Biography, object itinerary and re-use of material culture
  • Exploring the potential of museum collections for scientific research


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Recent activities

Autumn term of 2016
Paul Wallin: An introduction to multi-variate correspondence analysis. 9 participants (6 EP/ 3CGo)