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Vikingafenomenet - seminarieserie

Viking Phenomena: current research on late Iron Age Scandinavia

Peter Pentz Curator at the National Museum of Denmark
Date: 25th of April 2018
Time: 15 – 17
Venue: Uppsala/Eng 2-1024 – Campus Gotland A30, Uppsalarummet

To get to the other side...? The Ravning Enge bridge and other Viking Age bridges in Southern Scandinavia.
A bridge is basically a structure built to span physical obstacles. King Harald Blåtand´s more than 750 meters long bridge at Ravning Enge in Jutland spanning over Vejle Ådal was built in 980/981. In spite of the resources spent, the scope of the meaning remains uncertain. The paper will survey the Ravning bridge in particular, but also review other Viking Age bridges of Denmark.
Neil, John & Charlotte


Prof. Dagfinn Skre Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
Date: 13th of April 2018
Time: 10 – 12
Place: 2-0033, Engelska parken
Venue: Uppsalarummet, A30, Campus Gotland

"Avaldsnes: A sea-kings’ seat at the Island of Kǫrmt"
The 2011–12 excavations at Avaldsnes, western Norway, are the first to explore one of the five royal manors that according to Snorri were the seats of the first King of Norway, Haraldr hárfagri. The five are all situated along the sailing route along the western Scandinavian coast, the Norðvegr, indicating that the dominion of the sea route was a primary condition for attaining control of the realm. The evidence from Avaldsnes and the near vicinity indicate that control of the sea route was sought by the powerful for 2-3 millennia. The recent excavations supply the basis for writing the history of this sea-kings’ seat from the Roman Iron Age until the High Middle Ages. In the paper some main themes in this history will be outlined; among them some interesting parallels and contrast between a sea-kings’ manor and the seats of land kings detected elsewhere in Scandinavia.

All welcome!
Neil, John & Charlotte