Franklin Martinez

 What is your background? Where do you come from?

I come from the northern region of Colombia in South America. I did a 4-year BA in Political Science and government but have always been interested in archaeology – a childhood dream! I worked on a project regarding natural resource management, land use and small landowners,  and became interested in rural life, especially in the northern rural areas where I did fieldwork. I went almost monthly, lived with the people and did research. A course in Pre-Hispanic Colombian history was really mind-blowing, and I suppose is what started me on the archaeology track after my BA.

Why did you choose to study the master programme in Global Environmental History at Uppsala University?

My girlfriend is Swedish, so I began looking for suitable programmes in Sweden. Uppsala University was top of the list and the programme in Global Environmental History sounded perfect. I researched all the courses and teacher research interests, and was very impressed.

I applied for and was lucky to get a scholarship from the university to take the course.

What are your impressions and experience from the master programme?

The lectures are really good, but sometimes I think that the seminars could be more interactive, with more time to talk. The freedom to create your own programme is great – we have all the master courses offered in the university to choose from, so that we can really tailor the programme according to our own interests.

At the moment I am taking courses at CEMUS, at Gender studies and a web-based one on food engineering at the department of food science– the range of courses is so wide!

Your internship - where and what will you be doing?

I am looking into it, perhaps for next spring. I would either like to do it in Colombia, or here at one of the institutes such as Länsstyrelsen or Stockholm Environment centre.

Do you already know the subject of your master's thesis?

Not yet, I have to talk to my supervisor first, but keywords are alternative political communities…

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Yes, and I have already done so in social media.

Your favourite course in the programme?

The one I am doing now at the department of Gender studies called Humanimal encounters.

What do you see in your future?

I would very much like to do a PhD, here in Uppsala if possible. Long-term, I would like to go back to Colombia to continue research.