Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Old Egyptian 7.5 hp

The course is part of Egyptology C and focuses on the textual record of the Old Kingdom, or the so-called Pyramid Age. It is designed to complete your understanding of the language and written material of the pre-New Kingdom Egypt.

With a solid background in Middle Egyptian, Old Kingdom texts can be read without problems. Nevertheless, the course will begin with a brief overview of characteristics typical to Old Egyptian, followed then by reading classes during which selected Old Egyptian texts are read and discussed. Besides linguistic matters, the main focus in discussions will again be on the use of the material read in historical and cultural analysis and reconstruction. The texts will, ideally, cover a number of textual genres, including tomb-autobiographies, letters, and sections of the Pyramid Texts, perhaps the most important corpus of religious texts to have survived from Ancient Egypt. The texts will be handed out by the lecturer, along with bibliographies and other tools needed in their preparation at home.