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Postal address: Box 626, 751 26 Uppsala 
Visiting address: Engelska Parken, Thunbergsvägen 3H 
E-mail address:

Student office and course administration: Camilla Bergström,
Telephone: 018-471 2093 
Visiting hours: Mon-Fri  09-16


Head of Department:  Susanne Carlsson 018-471 2086 
Deputy Head of Department: Anders Kaliff 018-471 7551 
Director of Studies, first cycle: Christoph Kilger 018-471 2086 
Director of Studies, second cycle: Michael Lindblom 018-471 7553
Assistant Director of Studies: Gustaf Svedjemo 018-471 8311
Director of Studies, third cycle:  Sami Uljas 018 - 471 2079
Course administration Uppsala: Camilla Bergström 018-471 2093 
Course admistration Visby: Carina Dahlström 018-471 8234
Finance administration:  Carina Ehn 018-471 6240
Human resourse administration: Sofi Pahlin 018-471 1552

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