Previous scholars in our subjects

The department of Archaeology and Ancient History is located at the English Park Campus, next to the Old Cemetery.

(A list of other well-known scholars in our subjects can be found  here)Old Cemetery with trees

Several well-known scholars in our subjects are buried at the cemetery. Not all of them have worked at Uppsala University.

Greta Arwidsson

Axel Boëthius (Ph.D in Uppsala, professor Gothenburg, director of the Swedish Institute in Rome)

Sture Brunnsåker (the fifth professor of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History)

Agnes Geijer, textile archaeologist, known for her publication on the Birka textiles

Erik Gren (Reader in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History)

Lennart Kjellberg (the second professor in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History)

Georg Möller, German egyptologist that participated in excavations in i.a. Abusir, at the Cheops pyramid and at Deir-el-Medina

Axel W Persson (professor in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History). Instigated the large departmental excavations at Labraunda in 1948.

Otto Santesson, Archaeologist in Norrland, performed archaeological investigations of Stone Ah´ge settlements in Ångermanland province. In 1941, he published the work Magiska skifferredskap från Norrlands stenålder. Honorary doctor at Uppsala University in 1948. Lecturer at Folkskoleseminariet in Uppsala. From 1912 he directed the nature preserve at Vårdsätra southwest of Uppsala. Also responsible for the  "Stora smällen i Uppsala" at the end of the 1890s. His memorial stone is close to the cemetery wall near the department.  

Rutger Sernander (botanist, geologist, archaeologist)

Torgny Säve Söderbergh (professor of Egyptology)

Olof Thunman (artist, specializing in ancient remains)

Bengt Thordeman (Director, National Heritage) 

Olof Verelius, Uppsala's first professor of Archaeology, from 1662. A copy of a runestone has been placed on his grave by his student, Olof Rudbeck.

Sam Wide (the first professor in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History)

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