Frame 5. The Modern Urban Mind 1850 – present

(Aims 1, 2, 3, 4)

Participants: Göran Finnveden , Mattias Höjer, Sverker Sörlin (the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH), Thomas Elmquist (Stockholm Resilience Centre) together with all Urban Mind research frame coordinators and selected participants.

Study Field: The following fields will be developed as part of the idea project: Sustainable urban planning, Situations of opportunity for transforming cities in a sustainable way, Cronon’s perspective on modern metropoleis to Babylon, the metabolism of urban structures (historic, present, future). The specific case will be Istanbul but concept development will be accomplished with examples of biodiversity and governance in the modern city from selected towns and those in the Resilience Centre’s Global Urbanism Programme.

Activities: The application of the Urban Mind concept will be debated in relation to results of the other research frames.

Deliverables: Substantive assessment of the relevance of the Urban Mind concept in relation to Byzantium-Istanbul. Exposure of all participants to modern Urban Planning and Ecology concepts. Book Chapter on the modern Urban Mind.

Future perspective: Suggestions for modification of the Urban Mind concept.