Interdisciplinary Island and Seascape Research

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For those interested in marine resource, biodiversity and climate change, the Interdisciplinary Island and Seascape Research Cluster is hosting another webinar Tuesday the 15th of December, which you are all welcome to attend. Please find more details & the zoom registration link below and in the attached pdf-files.

To join, click the Zoom link and follow registration steps: 

Any question concerning the webinar or our email list, please contact the IISRC administrator: 

The island and seascape research cluster is proud to welcome you all to this seminar, with three guest speakers who will share their knowledge and perspective on marine resource, biodiversity and climate change in island contexts.  For more details about the program and speakers, please see the attached invitation and schedule.


Gunilla Rosenqvist (Uppsala University, Blue Centre): What is Blue Centre Gotland and what will happen 2021 

Lina Mtwana Nordlund (Uppsala University, Program for Natural Resources and Sustainability): Presentation of the research project Fisheries and Coastal Development – Past. Present and Future.  

Helene Martinsson-Wallin (Uppsala University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History). An environmental and social study of Lina Wetland area on Gotland – A “lesson to be learned” in the Anthropocene. 

Nichola Strandberg: (University of Southhampton) Vegetation responses to drivers of change in ‘Uta Vava’u, Tonga, a 7500 year record