Current projects

The department has a wide selection of projects that geographically cover Northern Scandinavia to Turkey and Georgia, Greece and Italy across Northern Africa to Eastern and Southern Africa, Latin America and South-east Asia.

Here we present some of them.


Uppsala University's archaeological investigations in the Zeus temple at Labraunda, Turkey

Martyrs and Archangels

The project edits five important Coptic texts currently in the Pierpont Morgan Library i New York.

Gamla Uppsala

The department has conducted archaeological investigations in Gamla Uppsala since the early 20th century. We know a great deal about the character and role of the site in the society of the Iron Age and Early Middle Ages, but much still remains unknown about central events in the history of the site and its neighbourhood. Above all, we know surprisingly little about the settlement structure, economy and gravefields from the time when the name of (Gamla) Uppsala became well-known outside the province of Uppland.

Domesticated Landscapes

Landscapes are multifaceted archives combining natural forming processes with cultural practices and land use strategies of past generations. The aim of the project is to explore the rich archives of the Peloponnesian peninsula, Greece, in order to evaluate the role of human-environment interaction for societal development over the long-term.

Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (extern länk)