Current projects

The department has a wide selection of projects that geographically cover Northern Scandinavia to Turkey and Georgia, Greece and Italy across Northern Africa to Eastern and Southern Africa, Latin America and South-east Asia.

Here we present some of them.

The Profanity of Greek Sanctuaries

The main objective of the project is a critical and comprehensive investigation of the perception of ancient Greek sanctuary space, focused on concept temenos, “that which has been cut off” (from the verb temnein, “to cut”), a space reserved for the gods where their worship took place.


The Viking Phenomenon

The Viking Age (c.750-1050 CE) has long been a touchstone of identity in the Nordic countries, not least in Sweden where the primary project focus lies. While the Vikings enjoy a popular recognition common to few other ancient cultures, their history has been reinvented, used and abused to suit the needs of successive generations, in a process that continues today.

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Contesting Marginality

The main objective of this project is to understand the role of Scandinavia’s forested inland in the larger historical developments that took place in northern Europe in the Iron Age and the Middle Ages (AD–1500 AD).