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In order to live up to the aim of multidisciplinary integration, we focus on actively co-authored contributions, disseminated to meet as many as possible of potential interests such as within the historical ecological framework, resilience based research, urban studies, environmental studies, history and archaeology. We aim for contributions with various geographical, chronological and thematic scales, detailing theoretical and methodological issues, as well as both long-term and short term perspectives.

Below we list articles from the last years, from our previous and current project, most of which are available with Open Access. For those works that are not, we are happy to send off-prints on request.

Climate and ancient societies (CASE) 2020-

Weiberg, E., Finné, M. 2021. Vulnerability to Climate Change in Late Bronze Age Peloponnese (Greece). In Climate Change and Ancient Societies in Europe and the Near East, edited by P. Erdkamp, J.G. Manning, and K. Verboven, 215–42. Palgrave Studies in Ancient Economies. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Domesticated Landscape of the Peloponnese (DoLP) 2015-2020

Bonnier, A., Finné, M. 2021. Peloponnesian Land Use Dynamics and Climate Variability in the First Millennium BCE. In Climate Change and Ancient Societies in Europe and the Near East, edited by P. Erdkamp, J.G. Manning, and K. Verboven, 277–99. Palgrave Studies in Ancient Economies. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Weiberg, E., Bonnier, A., Finné, M. 2021. Land Use, Climate Change and ‘Boom-Bust’ Sequences in Agricultural Landscapes: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Peloponnese (Greece). Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 63: 101319.

Bonnier, A., & Finné, M. (2020, online first). Climate variability and landscape dynamics in the Late Hellenistic and Roman north-eastern Peloponnese. Antiquity, 1-19.

Weiberg, E., Hughes, R.E., Finné, M., Bonnier, A., Kaplan, J.O., 2019. Mediterranean land use systems from prehistory to antiquity: a case study from Peloponnese (Greece). Journal of Land Use Science 14(1), 1-20.

Bonnier, A., Finné, M., Weiberg, E., 2019. Examining Land-Use through GIS-Based Kernel Density Estimation: A Re-Evaluation of Previously Published Survey Data from the Berbati-Limnes Area, Greece. Journal of Field Archaeology 44(2), 70-83.

Katrantsiotis, C., Norström, E., Smittenberg, R., Finné, M., Weiberg, E., Hättestrand, M., Avramidis, A., Wastegård, S. 2019 (online first). Climate changes in the eastern Mediterranean over the last 5000 years and their links to the high-latitude atmospheric patterns and Asian monsoons. Global and Planetary Change 175, 36-51.

Finné, M., Woodbridge, J., Labuhn, I., Roberts, N., 2019. Holocene hydro-climatic variability in the Mediterranean: A synthetic multi-proxy reconstruction. The Holocene 29(5), 847-863.

Walsh, K., Berger, J.-F., Roberts, C. N., Vanniere, B., Ghilardi, M., Brown, A.G., Woodbridge, J., Lespez, L., Estrany, J., Glais, A., Palmisano, A., Finné, M., Verstraeten, G., 2019. Holocene demographic fluctuations, climate and erosion in the Mediterranean: A meta data-analysis. The Holocene 29(5), 864-885.

Weiberg, E., Bevan, A., Kouli, K., Katsianis, M., Woodbridge, J., Bonnier, A., Engel, M., Finné, M., Fyfe, R., Maniatis, Y., Palmisano, A., Panajiotidis, S., Roberts, N., Shennan, S., 2019. Long-term trends of land use and demography in Greece: A comparative study. The Holocene 29(5), 742-760.

Woodbridge, J., Roberts, C. N., Palmisano, A., Bevan, A., Shennan, S., Fyfe, R., Eastwood, W., Izdebski, A., Cakirlar, C., Woldring, H., Broothaerts, N., Kaniewski, D., Finné, M., Labuhn, I., 2019. Pollen-inferred regional vegetation patterns and demographic change in Southern Anatolia through the Holocene. The Holocene 29(5), 728-741.

Weiberg, E., Finné, M., 2018. ‘Resilience and persistence of ancient societies in the face of climate change: a case study from Late Bronze Age Peloponnese’. World Archaeology 50(4), 584-602.

Hughes, R.E., E. Weiberg, A. Bonnier, M. Finné & J.O. Kaplan, 2018. ‘Quantifying Land Use in Past Societies from Cultural Practice and Archaeological Data’, Land 7, 9. 

Klingborg, P. & M. Finné, 2018. Modelling the freshwater supply of cisterns in ancient Greece, Water History, 1-19.

Finné, M., K. Holmgren, C.-C.Shen, H.-M. Hu, M. Boyd, S. Stocker, 2017. 'Late Bronze Age climate change and the destruction of the Mycenaean Palace of Nestor at Pylos', PLoS ONE 12(12): e0189447.

Finné, M. & E. Weiberg, 2017. ‘Climate Change and Ancient Societies: facing up to the challenge of chronological control’, in A. Ekblom, K.-J. Lindholm & C. Isendahl (eds.), The resilience of heritage. Cultivating a future for the past. Essays in honour of Paul J.J. Sinclair, 269–287.

Weiberg, E., 2017. ‘Contrasting histories in Early Bronze Age Aegean: uniformity, regionalism and the resilience of societies in the NE Peloponnese and central Crete’, Cambridge Archaeological Journal 27:3, 479–494.

Bonnier, A., 2016. 'Harbours and Hinterland Networks by the Corinthian Gulf, from the Archaic to the Early Hellenistic Period', in K. Höghammar, B. Alroth & A. Lindhagen (eds.), Ancient Ports: The Geography of Connections: Proceedings of an International Conferenceat the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, 23–25 September 2010, Boreas. Uppsala Studies in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Civilization, 34, 65–94. 

Izdebski, A., K. Holmgren, E. Weiberg, S.R. Stocker, U. Büntgen, A. Florenzano, A. Gogou, S.A.G. Leroy, J. Luterbacher, B. Martrat, A. Masi, A.M. Mercuri, P. Montagna, L. Sadori, A. Schneider, M.-A. Sicre, M. Triantaphyllou & E. Xoplaki, 2016. ‘Realising consilience: how better communication between archaeologists, historians and natural scientists can transform the study of past climate change in the Mediterranean,’ Quaternary Science Reviews 136, Special Issue: Mediterranean Holocene Climate, Environment and Society, 5-22. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2015.10.038

Weiberg, E., I. Unkel, K. Kouli, K. Holmgren, P. Avramidis, A. Bonnier, F. Dibble, M. Finné, A. Izdebski, C. Katrantsiotis, S.R. Stocker, M. Andwinge, K. Baika, M. Boyd, C. Heymann, 2016. ‘The socio-environmental history of the Peloponnese during the Holocene: towards an integrated understanding of the past’, Quaternary Science Reviews 136, Special Issue: Mediterranean Holocene Climate, Environment and Society, 40-65. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2015.10.042 

Finné, M., K. Holmgren, H.S. Sundqvist, E. Weiberg & M. Lindblom 2011. ‘Climate in the eastern Mediterranean during the past 6,000 years – a review’, Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 12, 3153–3173. 

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