Exploratory digitization. Research in focus for the digitization of museums

Finds of stone sherds

Efforts to make museum collection digitally accessible has been on the top of the agenda for decades. Despite being a priority, the degree of digital access varies greatly between different museums. In response to this, we are currently developing guidelines for how museums can digitalize their collections in relation to the needs of researchers. Hopefully, these guidelines will affect the day-to-day work with digital accessibility. The success of digitalization is not only dependent on technical solutions, it requires systematic work guided by well defined processes and goals. Hence, the main goal of our project is to assist museums in making their collections digitally researchable.

Joakim Wehlin, Uppsala University
Magnus Odebäck Ljunge, Linnaeus University
County museum of Dalarna
Founded by: The National heritage board (2023-2026)

Last modified: 2023-11-07