The Good City

Research node for Master students

Are you a Master student in the Humanities interested in the city and urban issues? Would you like to work closely with researchers and be a part of a research context?  

Join the research nodeThe Good City. Urbanism and Social Change. This is a cooperative interdisciplinary project involving  the departments of Archaeology and Ancient History, Art History and Cultural Anthropology.

The current strong urbanisation processes in the world and the fact that today, the majority of the world's population live in cities create new issues and thus a need to study urbanism and social change, using the analytical tools and interpretative perspectives offered by the humanities.

The aim of the project is partly to investigate principles and practices present in the city from both a historical and a contemporary perspective, partly to use the meetings between the cooperating disciplines to make a comparative analysis between different theories and methods of the disciplines applied to urban environments, thus also illuminating the different cultures and traditions of the disciplines. 



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