3D visualisations from the excavations at Gamla Uppsala

All of these 3D visualisations are made with help of the program Agisoft.

NOTE: Looks best in Internet Explorer 9; other browsers may be problematic.

Ostra A 3D-model of most parts of the trench on the plateau east of the church. The stones of the cairn are visible in the narrow test trenches.

A709 The excavated part of a probably late medieval cellar found east of the great hall in 2011. It was abandoned around 1600 AD. Before its abandonment, the entire stone or tile floor as well as many of the wall stones had been robbed from the cellar. The entrance and some wall stones are still clearly visible.

Norra The 2011 trench on the northern plateau. The pictures are taken during the final phase of the excavation where the medieval cellar is visible together with the wall ditches of the Vendel period houses. 

John Ljungkvist and Daniel Löwenborg


The Great Hall (youtube-clip) 3D reconstruction of one of the hall buildings at Gamla Uppsala, estimated to have been over 50 m long. 

 John Ljungkvist and Fredrik Cederling