Kring ringgatan: forskning och historisk visualisering, byggnadsminnet Ekeby by

The project is a collaboration between Uppsala University, Upplandsmuseet and the Institute for Languages and Folklore. Research will focus on the cultural heritage site of Ekeby, combining archaeology and the history of society, buildings, and place-names, with the site's many time layers as a common hub. The aim is to create the conditions for well-founded narratives of the place, its farms, crofts, agriculture and indwellers from prehistory through the Middle Ages and to the present. The history of the hamlet's uniquely preserved 19th C setting, and earlier eras, will be mediated through a digital 3D visualization of Ekeby's 18th C appearance, information signs, web and prints.


Recent results

See a detailed three-dimensional reconstruction of the buildings and village enviroment

Last modified: 2022-03-16