Gästföreläsningar 1 juni

Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien finansierar en serie gästföreläsningar som vandrar från Uppsala till Stockholm, Göteborg och Lund. I Uppsala hålles föreläsningarna 1 juni.

Mer om föreläsarna:

Joseph Maran, Professor of Pre- and Protohistory, Institute of Prehistory and Early History (Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte), Heidelberg University; Director of the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" at Heidelberg University; Principal Investigator in the Research Cluster “Political Space” of the German Archaeological Institute. Director of the excavations at the Bronze Age acropolis of Tiryns in the Argolid, NE Peloponnese, Greece, and of the archaeological survey in the basin of Phlious in nearby Corinthia. He has published extensively on a wide range of issues relating to all periods of the Aegean Bronze Age. Coordinator of the project “Appropriating Innovations: Entangled Knowledge in Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Eurasia”

Academia: https://uni-heidelberg.academia.edu/JosephMaran

Eftychia Stavrianopoulou, Professor, Seminar für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik, Heidelberg University. Research focus: Early Greek text sources (Linear B); Social history of Hellenistic Greece, women history in ancient Greece, Greek epigraphy, Ancient Greek Religion and legal history. Director of the project “The Elusive Greekness: Intertwined social imaginaries and practices in Greece and the Near East in the Hellenistic Period” in Research Cluster “Asia and Europe in a Global Context: Shifting Asymmetries in Cultural Flows”

Academia: https://uni-heidelberg.academia.edu/EftychiaStavrianopoulou