LAC 2016 List of Sessions and Panels

A. Integrated Approaches in Landscape Archaeology

A1 Living in a Landscape – How to incorporate the short-term in landscape archaeology

A2 Interactions in archaeology

A3 Late Glacial Northern Landscapes: an Integrative Approach to Paleolandscape and Human Land Use Reconstructions

A4 “Cultural Landscapes: what for?” - Demonstrating the social impact of our work

B. Landscape Historical Ecology and Climate Change

B1 Land-use and anthropogenic land-cover change over the Holocene - information of value for climate and environmental research

B2 Landscape archaeology in Africa: new approaches, methods and substantive results

B3 Landscape Archaeology and the History of the Commons

B4 Environmental Humanities: A rethinking of landscape archaeology?

C. Landscapes and Water

C1 Perceptions, use and engineering of water

C3 Water harvesting systems as key for understanding human management of arid environments

C5 The ever-changing environment: Landscape-archaeology in river landscapes

C6 Archaeology of Water Landscapes

D. Frontier Landscapes, Landscape Frontiers

D1 Crossing Boundaries: exploring the limits of “landscape”

D2 Exploring the rural edge – Outland landscape exploitation and resource colonization

D3 Rethinking “critical frontier studies”: Disentangling transitional landscape narratives

D4 The landscape of The Mining District of Bergslagen - In the Borderland between the Agricultural Areas and the Large Wooded areas

E. Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology

E1 Cross-disciplinary and integrative approaches to human-environment interactions in Mediterranean landscape archaeology

E3 The Formation of Terraced Landscapes around the Mediterranean: Timing and Motivation

E4 Frontiers and island landscapes in Sardinia

F. Mobility and Landscape

F1 Rethinking Mountain Cultural Landscapes: Integrated analysis on pastoralism and transhumance

F2 Nomadic spatiality: the production of meaningful landscapes by mobile peoples

F3 Mobility, Stability and Human-Landscape Interaction in the archaeology of Asia

F4 Landscapes of mobility: the use of computational approaches in modelling ancient patterns of connectivity

G. Landscape Archaeology in Practice

G1 Historic Landscape Photography

G2 Archaeological Approaches to Coastal and Island Landscapes at Risk

G3 Geophysical approaches to landscape archaeology

G4 Exploring maritime landscapes by multi-proxy approaches: Combining geomorphological, palaeofaunistical and geophysical methods