Research seminar in Classical archaeology

The research seminars are mainly open to teachers/researchers,Boulders at a cave entrance doctoral students and master students. The public seminars are open to everyone.

Please note that time and place for the seminars may vary. Ideas for future seminars can be sent to   Patrik Klingborg

Autumn schedule:

Lecture September 14:

Professor Holger Baitinger, Leibnitz-Zentrum Image of posterfür Archäologie, Mainz, gives a lecture on
The phenomenon of fragmented metal objects between Central Europe and the
Mediterranean world

Thursday 14 September 2023 at 14.15-16.00,
Engelska parken, room 2/K1024

For questions, please contact Gunnel Ekroth Department of archaeology and ancient history


Last modified: 2023-09-07