Workshop May 24, 2022

New perspectives on Italian ceramics: production locations, households and votive deposits

Time: Tuesday May 24, kl. 14 - 18 Poster for the event

Venue: Engelska Parken room 7-0043

The workshop aims at providing examples of the possibilities offered by ceramic studies within Italy from a methodological and theoretical viewpoint. Discussed datasets vary from Bronze Age to Roman Imperial ceramics, from legacy data to newly excavated materials and from votive deposits to production locations. Please note that this is an in-person event!


14.15 Introduction

14.30: Tanja van Loon - What is on offer? A meterial study of the spring sanctuary of Laghetto del Monsignore (Latium Vetus)

15.15: Joacim Seger (Lund University) - Bucchero ceramics: forms and consumptions patterns

16.00-16.15: Break

16.15: Filmo Verhagen (Uppsala University) - Ceramics from the inside: fabric analysis of Roman cooking pots from the Pontine Region

17.00: Gijs Tol (University of melbourne) - The Terra Sigillata stacks from Podere Marzuolo (Tuscany, Italy): evidence for production or distribution?

17.45: Conclusions.

All welcome!

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