Elements of Death

Elements of Death:

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mortality, Burial, and the Afterlife

Seminar 31 October: Fire

The organizers of the Aspects of Death seminar series are delighted to announce a new series of meetings that will focus on the human relationship with death, and its associations with the terrestrial elements of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and the so-called ‘fifth element’; Aether. These include ways of dying, attitudes towards death and the dead, body and burial practices and mortuary rites, as well as cultural perceptions on what takes place after death.

The Elements of Death can be understood as the framework that shapes the human experience of death.

The seminar series is open for all interested students and researchers as long as you contact jhonny.therus@arkeologi.uu.se beforehand.

Organizers are:

Jhonny Therus

Anne Landborg

Ben Raffield