You may choose to study a program, or the subjects individually - Archaeology, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Egyptology and Osteology.

For students interested in archaeology and early history, the department in Uppsala offers a broad selection of courses and programs on the basic level. Through field projects and cooperations with different parts of the world, the department staff, researchers and teachers are in the forefront of research. The possibility to combine studies in Scandinavian and global archaeology, Classical archaeology and Egyptology is unique for Sweden. Through our large selection of courses, students can tailor their training according to interest and different employment possibililties.

The department courses offer advanced tutoring and deeply committed teachers in a hospitable study environment in modern localities, well adapted to their purpose. Modern technology is integrated in the teaching. The courses offer a natural way on the road towards a number of different professions, including  museums, tourism, heritage management, aid work, environmental planning and the publishing business.

We offer training on Master's level and courses on postgraduate level for further specialisation.

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Last modified: 2022-01-21