Material Culture 7.5 hp

stone plate with hieroglyphs

The course is part of Egyptology B and is also part of the BA-program

The course is designed to give an insight into the wide variety of source material that Egyptologists use to reconstruct ancient Egyptian culture, including its history, religion, and social life. It runs at 50% over the first half of the spring semester with one lecture per week.

The course is focused on material culture and how these are analysed, described and categorised. The first part of the course provides a general introduction to material sources, objects and museum collections. This introduction is followed by studies of specific themes that we examine through material culture.

For the last part of the course we leave the classroom for the museum and its storerooms. There we handle objects, and you will also work with objects yourself, so that your theoretical knowledge will be put into practice

Last modified: 2022-01-21