Middle Egyptian Texts

This C-level course introduces you to the actual practice of reading texts in the Middle Egyptian language. It is designed to provide you with an opportunity to put into use the skills which you have acquired during the Middle Egyptian grammar courses on B-level.

During Middle Egyptian Texts you will read and analyse different kinds of texts written in classical and post-classical (early XVIII Dynasty) Middle Egyptian covering various textual genres. You will develop your skills in reading hieroglyphic texts and understanding of their grammar, including its development over time. In addition, you will now also try your hand at using textual sources to uncover historical, religious, and generally cultural information.

The texts read during this course will be provided by the lecturer, along with an English translation to help you in your work, and a bibliography related to individual text. You are expected to prepare the text (or, in case of longer texts, a decent part thereof) before the lectures. Your translations and the texts will then be read and discussed in class. The discussions will form the basis of our analysis of the text and represent a spoken commentary on them. The texts to be read can be, to some extent, chosen according to your own interests.

papyrus with text

Last modified: 2022-02-01