Master's program in the humanities with a specialisation in Archaeology

The department of Archaeology and Ancient History offers a strong and vibrant research environment.Our Master's programme is of good quality and prepares you for further Ph. D studies, while also offering opportunities for national and international internships and participation in research projects. The Mastersprogramme is interdisciplinary with a broad humanistic theoretical base and we also offer opportunities for specialisation within natural sciences orientated fields such as Osteology, Archaeobotany and GIS.

The program provides a solid base for a future career in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Managment, Historical Ecology and Landscape Analysis. The program also provides a broad background in the humanities and is therefore suitable for students interested in the Humanities and interdisciplinary studies more broadly, as a preparation for a career in other areas. A follow-up of our master students' careers also shows that they have had relatively good success in the labor market.

The program

The department offers master courses in archaeology both in Swedish and in English. The master's program provides students with advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge of the practice of archaeology. It is designed to give analytical skills necessary for critical and independent studies in Archaeology as well as in the humanities. You write a 45 credit thesis (equivalent of 1,5 term fulltime studies). You are required to take an additional 15 credit MA course within the subject of Archaeology. We have a range of courses that offers the possibility to specialise in Scandinavian Iron Age studies, Scandinavian Stone Age studies, Landscape analyses and GIS, Historical Ecology, Osteology, Global Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management. Through individual reading courses and internships you may tailor the program to suit your own needs.

In addition, you have the choice of a wide number of MA level courses within the humanities (see the master's program in humanities webbpage for the range of available courses). You may add MA courses from other disciplines (30 credits) and 30 undergraduate courses from Archaeology, Classical Archaeology or other disciplines.

Students may be integrated into larger research projects and have opportunities for fieldwork around the world. We also offer the possibility to do internships and participate in fieldwork and courses at foreign universities or to do internships outside academia, such as in contract archaeology and museums. The new master courses will include regular contacts with teachers and supervisors from an early stage. Emphasis will be on helping you to develop your writing in the form of scientific texts, popular dissemination and oral presentation. Our department is a creative environment with researchers in several areas. You are welcome to actively attend the Higher Seminars and in activities organised by the department and the student society Fjölnir.

To apply

Applications for the master courses are welcome for the autumn term. For further information, contact Director of studies Susanne Carlsson

Our master's courses

Our Masterscourses are normally run every two years, thus the student must select and plann courses carefully. Most of our Ma course can be given both in English and in Swedish. You can take the mastersprgramme both from Campus Gotland and Uppsala.