Individual studyplans

You meet with the programme coordinator in the beginning of the term to discuss your individual studyplan. A degree is 120 credits and you can choose choose between a 45 and 60 credit thesis. You may also include internships of 7,5-15 credits. You can start thesis course spring term year 1 or autumn term year 2 (see alternative studyplans below and information on programme courses here

For a degree you need 60 credits in main subject (global environmental history); 60 credits other course of which maximum 30 credits can be undergraduate courses. There are 5 mandatory courses: Historical Ecology; Theory and Methods; Modern Natures; Perceptions of human & nature; and Current themes and Debates in Global Environmental History (you may select other courses as an alternative to this).

The program is a collaboration between department at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU): Archaeology & Ancient History, Art History, Economic History, Human Geography, Cemus (Centre for environment sustainability studies) & Urban and Rural Development (SLU).

45 credit option

60 credit option