Julia in Visby

What is your background? Where do you come from?

Originally I come from Mölndal close to Gothenburg, but in 2014 I moved to Gotland to study the BA programme in archaeology here at Campus Gotland. Then I had just finished my secondary education, and turned 19! 

Why did you choose to study the master programme in Archaeology at Uppsala University?

Since I had studied the BA programme here on the island, it felt natural to continue on to the master level here as well. I was completely happy with the BA programme, the teachers and the cooperation with the Uppsala campus, and felt that there would be possibilities here for me to develop! Furthermore, the master programme at Uppsala University is very free with many individual options. It is possible to plan your own education and specialize according to your one plans for the future.

What have you studied before?

As mentioned above I took the BA programme in archaeology here at Campus Gotland but spiced it up with my own selection of courses in cultural heritage management, museum management, graphical design for web and creative writing. I also took two courses in gender studies within the master programme.

What is your impressions and experience from the master programme?

I am totally happy! Campus Gotland is a small university compared to many others, which makes it is easy to grow close to both teachers and other students. That means much personal feedback and great possibilities for support and help when needed. Add to this the entire selection of courses, options and resources at Uppsala University - a luxury!

Your internship - where and what will you be doing?

During the spring term I will intern as a research assistant in a research project called "In the footsteps of Tjelvar" with professor Helene Martinsson-Wallin. The project is placed here on Gotland and combines archaeology, tourism and sustainability. https://www.arkeologi.uu.se/Forskning/Projekt/i-tjelvars-fotspar/.

Do you already know the subject of your master's thesis?

I do! The master programme's thesis work begins from day one of the master’s program and continues over the two years of the education, divided into three sets of 15 credits each. I will soon begin my second set. My thesis is based on a type of Viking Age female figurines that are usually interpreted as Valkyries, the shieldmaidens of the god Odin. I do not agree with this interpretation and aim to reinterpret the figurines from a perspective of modern archaeological theory. I am interested in what things do, how they shape us and our world, rather than what things represent or what signification we imbue on to them.

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Absolutely! Particularly to someone who knows roughly what they want to focus on, or specialize in. The flexibility of the programme is very suitable for that.

Your favourite course in the programme?

The first course on the programme (and the only compulsory one) was super interesting! It is called “Cosmopolitan Pasts” and concerns issues of the global and political implications of archaeology and heritage.

What do you see in your future?

My aim is to complete a doctoral dissertation! If I could choose, I would prefer to do it here at Uppsala University. The long-term plan is to do research and/or teach archaeology to others, at a university, a museum or at a tourist site.