Maja Wikborg

We interviewed Maja three years ago, when she did the BA programme (read the interview in Swedish here) and she is now finishing the first year of the Master programme with a focus on Archaeology.

How do you see your time at university now, from a perspective? 

Naturally, my knowledge has become deeper over the past few years. What I miss is the time to study and learn even more. The programme has too few credits! There are som many exciting courses that I would like to take, but I must focus on what will be useful for my master's thesis.

Which course comes next?

The advanced GIS course. But I must pick carefully.

Have you decided on the subject of your thesis?

Yes, I intend to go through a lot of lliterature over the summer. My plan is to study weapon graves in relation to the place name Tuna, mainly iin Uppland. We'll see how it goes. 

When we spoke last time three years ago, you were very expextant and pleased to be studying archaeology. Have you changed your mind?

No, not at all. It is even more fun now. I learnt so much more now, and as a master student, the possibilities are open to learn from a wider perspective. We can go to all the research seminars, with the invited guest lecturers and all the new research. It just gets better!

What about the future?

I would love to excavate a bit!