Jessie Wong works at a museum

Jessie Wong finished her Master degree this Spring, and has an exciting job in HongKong

Could you tell me a little about your background, previous education etc?
I came from Hong Kong and did my bachelor study in Hong Kong too. I studied Architectural conservation as my bachelor, in which we look into heritage buildings and make plans for restoration and even adaptive reuse. After my study in Uppsala, I am now working as an assistant curation in a museum.

Why did you choose to study at Uppsala University and our department?
I was attracted by the long-standing history of Uppsala University, the beautiful Universitetshuset and Carolina Rediviva. I love the peaceful and relax atmosphere in Uppsala. On the other hand, the courses provided by the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History were interesting, the staffs were very helpful too!

What sort of work do you do at the museum?
Mainly research, collecting and studying antiquities donated to our museum, writing for publication and daily operation for the museum exhibitions. Our current project is about the education system in the suburban area of Hong Kong before WWII.

How does your training help you in your work?
The research and writing skills I practised is super helpful for today's work. Software that I learnt such as GIS and SketchUp provides me lots of opportunities too.

What do you appreciate the most from your time of study here?
Friendly and encouraging supervisors! They are all super helpful and let you feel better even you know you wrote a piece of a mess ;)

Would you advise others to come study at our department, and if so, do you have any tips for them?
Enjoy your study and build up good relationships with others! You can always learn and know more from people in the department.

Last modified: 2021-10-05