Equal opportunities

At the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, the Equal Opportunities Group (Lika Villkorsgruppen) is in place to make sure all students and staff at the institution receive support and respect regardless of their sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion or belief, and disability.

The department's opinions - Archaeology and #MeToo

The text is also available as a pdf - Archaeology and #MeToo (English version)

I have been harassed - what can I do?

The guidelines are also available as a pdf - Information and guidelines regarding harassment and sexual harassment

Contact information:

You may contact any member of staff or of the Equal Opportunities group, or you can e-mail the group at Lika.Villkor@arkeologi.uu.se

You may also contact the HR Division: likavillkor@uadm.uu.se