Equal opportunities

At the Department och Archaeology and Ancient History, the Equal Opportunities-group are working to make sure that all students and staff gets the support and respect they need regarding these questions.  Uppsala University's study and work environment must be characterised by openness and respect. At Uppsala University, there is zero tolerance for victimisation, harassment and sexual harassment. No one must suffer discrimination on the basis of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. This is regulated in the Discrimination Act.

Read more about discrimination and harassment

The department's opinion - Archaeology and #MeToo Dec 2017

The text is also available as a pdf - Archaeology and #MeToo (English version)

Contact information:

You may contact any member of staff or of the Equal Opportunities group, or you can e-mail the group at Lika.Villkor@arkeologi.uu.se
You may also contact the HR-Division: likavillkor@uadm.uu.se

Members of the Equal Opportunities group:

Maria Bengtsson (Equal Opportunities Officer/HR)
Karl-Johan Lindholm (Head of Dept)
Luigi Prada (Staff representative Campus Uppsala)
Alexander Andreef Högfeldt (Staff representative Campus Gotland)
Julia Wihlborg (PhD student representative)

Last modified: 2023-11-06