JAAH 2012 No. 3 Baron

Justyna Baron,

The ritual context of pottery deposits from the Late Bronze Age settlement at Wrocław Widawa in southwestern Poland

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Fig 1  Wrocław Widawa. The site location within the contemporary city of Wrocław

Fig 2Wrocław Widawa. Site area based on the surface survey (after Baron,
Domański 2005)

Fig 3 Wrocław Widawa. Widawa river valley seen from west. Red line marks the
archaeological site (after Badura in press)

Fig 4Wrocław Widawa. Aerial photo of the site during excavations. View from the
north. Photo M. Masojć

Fig 5 Wrocław Widawa. General view of the excavated area with Bronze Age pits
filled in black and the area with deposits framed.

Fig 6 Wrocław Widawa. Distribution of the pottery deposits in the central part of
the settlement. Bronze Age pits are marked in red, pits of undetermined chronology
are blank

Fig 7 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposits: a – pit 22, b – pit 49, c-f – pit 99, g, h – pit
149, i – pit 213, j – pit 170, k – pit 227, l-q – pit 249. Drawing N. Lenkow

Fig 8 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposit from pit 130. Drawing N. Lenkow

Fig 9Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposits: a-c, e – pit 546, d – pit 1014, f, g – pit
1040. Drawing by N. Lenkow

Fig 10 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposit in pit 129. Photo A. Mostek

Fig 11 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposit in pit 34. Photo A. Mostek

Fig 12 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposit in pit 268 with stones inside the vase. Photo
A. Mostek

Fig 13 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposits in pit 22, 49 and 192 with stones inside.
Photo A. Mostek

Fig 14 Wrocław Widawa. Vessel deposit in pit 130. Photo A. Mostek, J. Baron

Table 1 Selected properties of vessel deposits

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