JAAH 2012 No. 4 Löwenborg

Daniel Löwenborg,

An Iron Age Shock Doctrine – Did the AD 536-7 event trigger large-scale social changes in the Mälaren valley area?

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Fig 1Boxplot of ridge values, for different categories of sites. High values indicate locations
on or near prominent ridges. The chronological classes used are 1: Bronze Age and Pre-Roman Iron Age, 2: Roman Iron Age and Migration Period, 3: Vendel Period, 4: Viking Age. Periods 3 and 4 are displayed both separately and combined in a class ‘3/4’ to account for the questions on how the Late Iron Age sites should be understood. (Löwenborg 2010)

Fig 2Generalised chronological extension of use of the excavated burial grounds in Västmanland.

Fig 3 Illustration of a case with a burnt down house being covered by a grave shortly after.
After Renk 2008:fig. 2

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