JAAH 2011 No. 2 Ilves

Kristin Ilves,  

Is there an archaeological potential for a sociology of landing sites?

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Fig 1 A model of landing sites as contact zones

Fig 2 The location of the sites in the Baltic Sea region discussed in the article

Fig 3 Tornimäe excavation plots in relation to the approximate site-contemporary
shoreline drawn with an enhanced dashed line (after Mägi 2005:68). A star up centre
on the satellite image marks the location of a stone jetty (© Maa-amet, accessed 26-

Fig 4 Fribrødre Å excavation plots in relation to the current river bed (Skamby
Madsen 1991:188). Main dockyard activities indicated with a cross on the satellite
image (© Google Earth. 54°52’11.64’’ N and 12°03’00.91’’ E, image 1-1-2006,
accessed 26-07-2011)

Fig 5 A sketch map of Krogen. House remains and possible house remains as well as
pathways marked on land; most of the discovered wrecks and find concentration areas
marked underwater (after Roque 1998:30-31; © Google Earth. 58°47’38.71’’N and
17°50’40.00’’E, image 8-7-2010, accessed 26-07-2011).

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