JAAH 2018 No 23 Herschend

Frands Herschend,

How Norse is Skírnismál? – A comparative case study

Full text (Divalänk)

Editorial log book with reviewer comments


Fig. 1 Map of 6th century Aguntum, today’s Lavanter Kirchbichl. After Grabherr & Kainrath (2011).

Fig. 2a & b. A: Overview of the eastern Alps and northern Italy showing principal roads and Fortunatus’ trip in the Alps. B: Cartellieri’s (1926) detailed map of relevant Alpine place names and roads.

Fig. 3. Scansion of the elegiac couplet.

Fig. 4. Two travel routes between Metz and Toledo. It would seem that Gogo and Brunhild followed the western route.

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