JAAH 2019 No 24, Trier Christiansen

Torben Trier Christiansen,

Metal-detected Late Iron Age and Early Medieval Brooches from the Limfjord Region, Northern Jutland: Production, Use and Loss.

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Fig. 1 Region covered by the study (dark grey) and sites where detectorists have found most brooches: 1) Vestervig, 2) Vang, 3) Vester Vandet, 4) Øster Vandet, 5) Toftum Næs, 6) Louns Kirkebjerg, 7) Aggersborg, 8) Sebbersund, 9) Øland, 10) Nørholm, 11) Sønderholm, 12) Bejsebakken, 13) Lindholm Høje, 14) Sønder Tranders, 15) Nørre Tranders/Øster Uttrup, 16) Als. © Geodatastyrelsen.

Fig. 2 Selection of brooches from the Germanic Iron Age found by metal detectorists in the Limfjord Region: (a–i) Early Germanic Iron Age, (j–ad) Late Germanic Iron Age. a) Cat.no. 102, b) Cat.no. 113, Cat.no. 86, d) Cat.no.  211, e) Cat.no.  34, f) Cat.no. 209, g) Cat.no. 208, h) Cat.no. 17, i) Cat.no. 45, j) Cat.no.  712, k) Cat.no. 644, l) Cat.no. 302, m) Cat.no. 245, n) Cat.no. 268, o) Cat.no. 959, p) Cat.no. 967, q) Cat.no. 964, r) Cat.no. 948, s) Cat.no. 582, t) Cat.no. 598, u) Cat.no. 560, v) Cat.no. 946, w) Cat.no. 742, x) Cat.no. 544, y) Cat.no. 534, z) Cat.no. 520, aa) Cat.no. 834, ab) Cat.no. 891, ac) Cat.no. 900, ad) Cat.no. 984, ae) Cat.no. 1007, af) Cat.no. 1014, ag) Cat.no. 230, ah) Cat.no. 1012 (Graphics: Louise Hilmar, Moesgaard Museum).

Fig. 3 Selection of brooches from the Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages. a) Cat.no. 1269, b) Cat.no. 1098, c) Cat.no. 1105, d) Cat.no. 1310, e) Cat.no. 1293, f) Cat.no. 1174, g) Cat.no. 1208, h) Cat.no. 1206, i) Cat.no. 1057, j) Cat.no. 1182, k) Cat.no. 1028, l) Cat.no. 1657, m) Cat.no. 1778, n) Cat.no. 1741, o) Cat.no. 1849, p) Cat.no. 1400, q) Cat.no. 1064, r) Cat.no. 1202, s) Cat.no. 1085, t) Cat.no. 1342, u) Cat.no. 1196, v) Cat.no. 1377, w) Cat.no. 1536, x) Cat.no. 1535, y) Cat.no. 1414, z) Cat.no. 1425, aa) Cat.no. 1435, ab) Cat.no. 1664, ac) Cat.no. 1652, ad) Cat.no. 1663 (Graphics: Louise Hilmar, Moesgaard Museum).

Fig. 4 Distribution of traces of non-ferrous workshops and traces of production of brooches. Dot = model for brooch, triangle = unfinished brooch/model, square = excavated workshop/ other tool for non-ferrous metal work. (Turquois = Germanic Iron Age, Blue = Viking Age, Purple = Early Middle Ages, black = Late Iron Age/Early Middle Ages) © Geodatastyrelsen.

Fig. 5 Distribution of oval plate brooches (KHN type J) in the Limfjord region (Graphics: Kirsten Bach Larsen, Nordjylland Historiske Museum) © Geodatastyrelsen.

Fig. 6 Evidence of production and repair of brooches: (a–d) misasts, (e) rectangular brooch with rivets after the repair of the pin construction, (f–h) models for brooch production. a) Cat.no. 767, b) Cat.no. 231, c) Cat.no. 1855, d) Cat.no. 1567, e) Cat.no. 932, f) Cat.no. 1862, g) Cat.no. 1861, h) Cat.no. 1860 (Graphics: Louise Hilmar, Moesgaard Museum)

Tab. 1 Table 1: Frequency of brooches (per quarter-century) recovered through metal detection in the Limfjord region. The column widths indicate the varying time spans of the periods and the most common brooch types are depicted. Not to scale (Graphics: Louise Hilmar, Moesgaard Museum)

Tab. 2  Table 2: Composition of the record of metal-detected brooches from the Early Germanic Iron Age

Tab. 3 Table 3. The composition of the metal-detected brooches from the Late Germanic Iron Age.

Tab. 4 Composition of metal-detected brooches from the Viking Age and the Early Medieval Period

Tab. 5 Fragmentation and surface degradation of brooches from the Limfjord region

Tab. 6 Development of fragmentation of some of the most frequent types of brooches

Tab. 7 Fragmentation of brooches recovered at selected sites since 2006. Note the poor preservation of the brooches found at the western settlements (Vang and Vestervig) where soils are sandy, which contrasts with the state of preservation of the brooches found in the central part of the region (Øland and Nørholm) characterised by chalky soils.

Cat.1.1  1.1.Brooches - The Early Germanic Iron Age

Cat. 1.2  Brooches - The Late Germanic Iron Age

Cat. 1.3 Brooches - The Viking Age

Cat. 1.4 Brooches - The Viking Age-The Early Middle Ages

Cat. 2 1.Models

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