Valsgärde 14


The material from the Valsgärde boatgrave 14 is now published.

The excavation of boatgrave 14 in 1949 was directed by Else Nordahl (a long-time colleague and honorary doctor at our department) and Bengt Schönbäck. For a long time, Else worked on the publication of the burial, before she passed away. At that time, she had progressed very far with the work, producing both text, illustrations and plates. The material has now been edited and published in a way that we hope are according to Else's wishes.

The book forms the first of a revived series of works on the Valsgärde graves, building on the publications of Valsgärde 6, 7 and 8, all by Greta Arwidsson. Furthermore, it is the first book in the series produced within the frames of the project the Viking Phenomenon.

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