Axel Frejman

My name is Axel Frejman and I have been a PhD student in Classical Archaeology at Uppsala university since September 2013.

My research is focused on settlement remains connected to extraurban sanctuaries in the ancient Greek world. I want to investigate the everyday happenings of large sanctuaries, how they were maintained, who was running them, what was happening in the areas around them, and what the relationship to their respective cities was. I also want to question some predominant views on extraurban sanctuaries and their function in society. For example if we are to view extraurban sanctuaries as non-autonomous political instruments of the cities, as they have been viewed almost since the concept of extraurban sanctuaries became known to researchers.

As a part of my thesis work I will conduct a survey of the areas outside the temenos of Labraunda in Karia, modern day south-western Turkey. The areas outside extraurban sanctuaries have not often been investigated. Through the survey I hope to produce much new empirical knowledge regarding the surrounding areas of Labraunda. Labraunda will be particularly thoroughly investigated. Other sites that I will be looking closer at are Didyma, Panamara, Lagina, Sinuri, Delphi, Olympia, Perachora, Nemea, and the sanctuaries near Metaponto.

I have previously completed my MA i Classical Archaeology at Uppsala University, and have been involved in the Labraunda project since 2011. I have also worked in the field at Makrakomi in Greece, and at San Giovenale in Italy.