Axel Frejman

Axel Frejman defended his PhD in 2020 and is currently Axel Frejmana researcher in Classical Archaeology at Uppsala University.

His research has to a large degree revolved around Greek sanctuaries in both modern-day Greece and Turkey. Special research interests include commons and shared resources, extra-temenal remains, survey and landscape archaeology, cognitive aspects of spatial archaeology, and the sanctuary of Labraunda and Karia in general.

He is part of the research project Water at ancient Greek sanctuaries: medium of divine presence or commodity for mortal visitors? (WaGS). The project is financed by the Swedish Research Council and aims to re-evaluate current knowledge about the role of water at Greek sanctuaries, both for religious and utilitarian uses, as well as adding to that knowledge by systematically studying water in connection to sanctuaries in ancient sources and archaeological remains. He is also part of a survey project investigating the medieval hinterlands of Smyrna/Izmir mainly in the Gediz river valley. The project is a collaboration with the interdisciplinary research programme Medieval Smyrna/İzmir, Transformation of its Hinterland from Byzantine to Ottoman Times (MESMY) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Beyond his role as a researcher he is currently responsible for one of three sub-projects within the infrastructure project Common Ground. A research platform for digitized archaeological collections and archives at the Swedish Institutes in Athens, Rome and Istanbul, financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. This project concerns the excavation archives of the three Swedish institutes and will produce an online database for both physical material and documentation, freely available to researchers and the general public alike.




Last modified: 2022-01-27