Bonnier, Anton

Project: Landscapes, Land Use and Connectivity in Ancient Attica, ca. 700–100 BCE

My research is primarily engaged with ancient landscapes, ancient economic history and human-environment interactions, from the Archaic and until the Roman period in mainland Greece. As part of my research, I work with both archaeological and written sources and I commonly use geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analyses for much of my work.

I received my PhD at Stockholm university in 2010. My PhD-thesis was concerned with landscapes, settlement patterns and networks of interaction around the Corinthian Gulf between ca. 600 and 300 BC. I have been based at Uppsala university since 2015 and until 2020 I was employed within the Domesticated Landscapes of the Peloponnese-project. The project was carried out at the department of Archaeology and Ancient History but incorporated researchers within multiple disciplines in order to examine human-environment interactions in the ancient Peloponnese. My role within the project was to conduct research on socio-environmental dynamics during the historical periods (ca. 700 BC until AD 300). I was also responsible for the development of the project GIS.

For much of my career I have also been highly involved archaeological field research and I have participated in multiple surveys and excavations in the Mediterranean region. After finishing my PhD I have also co-directed two field projects in Greece: an intensive field survey in the municipality of Makrakomi between 2010 and 2016 and an excavation project at ancient Kalaureia between 2015 and 2021. 

In 2021 I was awarded a new grant from the Swedish Research Council for a project on land use and connectivity in ancient Attica. The project will examine the development of agricultural economies and changes in cultivation strategies in the hinterland of ancient Athens between ca. 700 and 100 BC, particularly in relation to an increasing frequency of grain imports in this period. The project aims to provide a clearer picture on land use dynamics and trade in Attica until the Roman conquest, using new multidisciplinary methods rooted in historical ecology. 


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