Chris Nuttall


My interests focus on the archaeology of Aegean prehistory and Chris Nuttallspecifically the Early Bronze Age of the Cyclades and Crete.

My research specifically tackles issues of material culture, mortuary practices, human action and landscapes. My PhD project here in Uppsala highlights my interest in these themes.

Aegean seascapes from the Late Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age

For Classical Archaeology, discussion of the sea has traditionally focused on nautical technology, shipwrecks, and interaction within trade networks. The sea has been seen as a passive absence of land and the space between the more archaeologically interesting areas on mainlands and islands. The aim of my PhD is to investigate the meaning of the sea to people in the Aegean from the Late Neolithic (c. 5000 B.C) to the end of the Late Bronze Age I (c. 1600 B.C) and, in particular, how embodied experiences of the sea were expressed through structured practices and material culture.

Laser theodolite

About me

I joined the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala in April 2016 as a PhD student and had previously worked in commercial archaeology sector in the UK. I graduated with a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Liverpool in 2011 and completed my MA at the same institution in 2013. In my studies I have focused on the Bronze Age of Greece throughout, with my MA thesis tackling the issue of “Mycenaeanisation” at Phylakopi on the island of Melos in the Cyclades. Since my MA, I have also been a member of a British School at Athens team to republish archaeological finds from the 1896-99 excavations at Phylakopi, where I focus on pottery of the Middle Bronze Age. I am also interested in archaeological theory, Mediterranean archaeology and social archaeology.

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