Dorn, Andreas

Andreas Dorn, professor of EgyptologyMan i vit skjorta

I was appointed to the chair of Egyptology in 2018 after the chair had been vacant for seven years. Since then, Egyptology has been fully re-established in teaching and research, covering all aspects of the subject. At the same time, it continues the research traditions in the fields of demotic studies, Coptology and archaeology that have long been established in Uppsala.

My main research areas include ancient Egyptian archaeology, architecture and social history with a focus on microhistory, ancient Egyptian religion, particularly informal forms of contact with the gods, and ancient Egyptian literary texts in their cultural-historical context.

Ongoing research projects include the Valley of the Kings with the publication of the architecture and archeology of the tomb of Siptah and new finds of the the burial equipment of King Sety I (both around 1250 BC), newly discovered graffiti in the Valley of the Kings (1530–1050 BC) and the nearby desert valleys, the excavation of a private tomb at Deir el-Medine and the publication of literary texts kept in the French Institute in Cairo, as well as the so-called Turin Goldmine Papyrus, the oldest geological map known to mankind, which were all found at the same site.

Last modified: 2023-09-28