Gullög Nordquist

Gullög Nordquist is professor of Classical archaeology and ancient history and since 2006 Head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History.

She has a long experience of leading positions in various contexts at Uppsala University, as Head of Studies of the epartment (1997-99), Vice Dean of the Historical-Philosophical Faculty (1996-99), Head of Gustavianum Gemensamt (1995-96) to membership in the Board of the Historical-Philosophical Faculty (1996-1999, 2007-2011), suppleant in the University Board (Konsistoriet) 1999-2002, chair of the board for the Centre of Multiethnic research 2007-2010 and several other commitments. She is a mentor for university teachers. She was also Assistant Director at the Swedish Institute at Athens (1987-90).

Her research interests are several.

Greek Bronze and Iron Age: She has worked on prehistory in Greece and the eastern Mediterranean basin in large, and participated in fieldwork in Sweden, Italy and Greece, in the latter case as field director. Her main focus of interest is various social aspects, such as age and gender, as well as the landscape, both as a physical and a mental environment. Her research includes studies on physical remains, e.g. pottery, as well as various aspects on graves, burial rites and social life in the Bronze Age. She has been invited to study and publish material from international excavations, e.g. the American Argolid Exploration Project, and the likewise American excavations at Lykaion, Arcadia, Greece (

As the leader of the Swedish part of the Norwegian excavations in the sanctuary of Athena Alea, Tegea, Greece, in 1991-95, she is one of the main authors of the publication of the stratigraphy and architecture from the temple trench, primarily the architectural remains of early temples (ca 700 BC), i.e. the period of the rise of the sanctuaries and the beginning of urbanism

Landscape, environment and sustainability: She is one of the leaders of the MISTRA financed idea development project The Urban Mind, Cultural and Environmental Dynamics 2008-2010. http://www.arkeologi.uu.se_copy/Forskning/Projekt/Urban_Mind/Introduction/
The project (a part of the IHOPE - Integrated History of Peoples on Earth - initiative) has combined humanities and natural science studies of the development of urbanism and climate change and included some 40 scholars from various disciplines mainly from Uppsala university but also Stockholm University and Royal University of Technology, Stockholm and from Aberdeen University, Pretoria University and University of Cape Town. The result has just appeared in one volume The Urban Mind, Cultural and Environmental Dynamics (660 pp). Within that frame she has presented a new model for how that development of Greek urbanism may relate to changing climatic conditions.

Ancient music is another interest, especially the function of music and the musicians role in society

Archaeological theory and history of research: She has discussed theoretical issues history of archaeological explorations, especially in Greece both in conference articles and popular talks. That interest is often interwoven in other parts of a research.

Teaching, lectures, conferences etc: In addition to teaching in Uppsala and at the Swedish institute at Athens, she has lectured at other Swedish universities as well as in the US, Canada, Norway and Italy, and worked as field teacher in field work in Syria, funded by NORFA. She has made numerous study tours and participated in conferences in European countries, the Middle East, North America, and China. She has been engaged in the organization of exhibitions, and organized seminars and workshops in Athens and Uppsala.

Popular Science: A large number of talks for various audiences in Greece and Sweden, including radio programs on various topics as well as a number of articles for a general public in various journals.


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