Helene Martinsson-Wallin


I’m a Swedish Archaeologist who has specialised in the Prehistory (Stone and BronzeHelene on fieldwork Age)of the Baltic Islands Åland and Gotland and Archaeology of  the Pacific  with special focus on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Samoa.

I have a broad experience of archaeology and cultural heritage management in these both settings and I have worked with contract archaeology, as museum curator, researcher and university lecturer. My interest in archaeology and my curiosity of past material achievements was inspired at young age when I saw runic stone monument every day walking to school. I have since mainly directed my research towards monuments and landscapes to understand the long-time dynamics and complex societies. I would label myself a semi-empirical researcher where I consider the material remains to be a foundation for archaeological research and important to analyse in various ways using methods from natural science but equally important is to understand their place in the landscape and the mindscape of people both then and now.

I’m an Associate Professor and University Lecturer and have been the Academic Head of Department at Gotland University since 2008 and have affiliations as Adjunct Professor at The National University of Samoa since 2011 and Honorary Fellow at The Australian National University 2015

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Short CV:

Academic degrees:

  • Doctoral degree 1994 in Archaeology (Pacific Archaeology),  Thesis Title: Ahu – Ceremonial Stone Structures on  Easter Island Uppsala University supervisor Professor Bo Gräslund.
  • Master degree 1986, Major: Archaeology, Minors: Osteology, Art History and Geosciences from Uppsala and Stockholm Universities. BA/Honors Thesis: Cremated bones from The Iron Age Grave field of Gribbylund Täby.The Stone Age of Åland,

  • Titles and Academic Affiliations    
  • Associate Professor in Uppsala (2008),
  • Adjunct Professor National University of Samoa (2011).
  • Honorary Fellow at Australian National University (2015)

Current Employment:

  • 2013 (1/7 - ongoing) Senior Lecturer (with Tenure), Uppsala University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

Earlier Employments:

  • 2008(1/9)-2013 (30/6). Senior Lecturer, Gotland University, Department of Archaeology and Osteology  (with Tenure).
  • 2006 (1/1)-2008 (31/7) Deputy Senior Lecturer (50%), Gotland University, Department of Archaeology and Osteology Chief Curator and
  • 1997 (1/1) -2007 (31/7) Associate Professor, Chief Curator and Researcher. The Kon-Tiki Museum Institute for Pacific Archaeology and Cultural History (11.09.00-01.06.01 parental leave)
  • 1992 (1/1) – 1994 (1/6) Doctoral Fellow at Uppsala University.
  • 1981-1986 (all together 3 years during these years). Assisting Archaeologist and Field Director at the Museum of Åland, Finland (Museibyrån).

Administrative assignments:

  • Program director (developer of program) the International Archaeology Program at Gotland University.
  • Academic Head (Ämnesansvarig) Department of Archaeology Gotland University 2008-2010, 2012-2013.
  • Academic Head (Ämnesansvarig), Department of Archaeology and Ancient History Campus Gotland Uppsala University 2013-2014.


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