Karl-Johan Lindholm

Karl-Johan LindholmKarl-johan.lindholm@arkeologi.uu.se

My main research interest is to bridge the socio-environmental interface by interdisciplinary research and long-term understandings of landscapes and land-use in agriculturally marginal regions in southern and eastern Africa and in Europe. I apply historical ecology, integrated landscape analysis and critical historical analysis in order to situate current landscape policy in historical contexts with bearing on current approaches to the sustainable management of biocultural heritage and natural resources. An additional interest is the combination of archaeology, rural development and landscape studies aiming for a better understanding of past and present forms of collective action and cooperative natural resource management. I am also engaged in archaeological approaches towards pastoralism and method development for integrated landscape analysis and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).  I convene the departmental research cluster Global Historical Ecology, member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the global research network Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (IHOPE) and editor of the Journal of Archaeology and Ancient History.

Ongoing research

Principal investigator: Laser scanned elevation data and AI: a research and development project (Riksantikvarieämbetet/National Heritage Board F2020-0008).

Principal investigator: Contesting Marginality: The Boreal Forest of Inland Scandinavia and the Worlds Outside, AD – 1500 AD (Swedish Research Council 2017-01483) Follow us on Facebook

Principal investigator: Explorative Imaginaries; Communicating the biocultural heritage of the forests (Riksbankens jubileumsfond KOM18-1380:1) Follow us on Facebook

Co-investigator: TerraNova. The European Landscape Learning Initiative: Past and Future Environments and Energy Regimes shaping Policy Tools. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (EU, Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN 813904)

Co-investigator: Biocultural Heritage in Mozambique: developing new heritage industries. Training Partnership between Universidade Eduardo Mondlane & Uppsala University (Sida 198)

Completed externally funded research projects

Principal investigator: 2012-16 Commons as Hidden Resources - Analysing the Shifting Roles of the Commons in Rural Development Processes (Formas 251-2011-900)

Principal investigator: 2001-06 Wells of Experience: A pastoral land-use history of Omaheke, Namibia (Sida/SAREC SWE-2000-353B)

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  • Hatlestad, Kailin; Wehlin, Joakim; Lindholm, Karl-Johan

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    Part of Land, 2021.

    Open access
  • Hatlestad, Kailin

    Dalarna län 14C dates and KDE .txt results: Dataset: Coping with Risk. A Deep-Time Perspective on Societal Responses to Ecological Uncertainty in the River Dalälven Catchment Area in Sweden


    Open access
  • Eriksson, Ove; Arnell, Matilda; Lindholm, Karl-Johan

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  • Sandström, Emil; Ekman, Ann-Kristin; Lindholm, Karl-Johan

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  • von Hackwitz, Kim; Lindholm, Karl-Johan


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