Madime, Omar


Work title: Contract Archaeology in Mozambique: present and future perspectives for good management of the cultural heritage

Based on a holistic analysis of the origin and development of legislation on cultural heritage and contract archaeology at international level and in southern Africa, this work seeks to develop the system for contract archaeology management in Mozambique to support individuals and institutions involved in this activity to ensure sustainable cultural heritage management.

Particularly for Mozambique, the work seeks to understand how the cultural heritage management system is made in general, its specific legislation, the actors involved, their perceptions of contract archaeology in terms of sustainable management of cultural heritage vs. economic development. That is, what is the current state of contract archaeology in the country, and what is it expected to be in the future.

By exploring elements such as community or public archaeology and Biocultural heritage, the work seeks to understand how current archaeological research in Mozambique relates to local communities, what is the role of discipline in transforming current Mozambican society concerning the challenges resulting from natural disasters that require effort to take actions for sustainable management of cultural heritage and conservation of natural ecosystems.