Rikke Wulff Krabbenhöft


Rikke has been a PhD candidate in Global Archaeology since January 2012. She holds a BA in Near Eastern Archaeology with additional studies in Assyriology from Copenhagen University, and an MA in Archaeology from Uppsala University. Her field experience includes excavations in Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

Her dissertation focuses on social and spatial organisation at ancient Shaduppum (Tall Harmal) and inter-site relationships in the Tigris-Diyala basin during the Early Old Babylonian period ca. 1900-1760 BC. Other sites investigated are ancient Nerebtum (Ishchali), Zaralulu (Tall adh-Dhiba’i) and Tall Muhammed which were all situated in relative close proximity to Shaduppum.

In her research Rikke works with archaeological data, cuneiform texts and network analysis. GIS is one of the methods applied for the analysis and visualization of intra-site activities and inter-site relationships in time and space.