Sami Uljas

Phone: 018-471 2079

Senior lecturer in Egyptology

I graduated with a BA in Egyptology, MA A man  in front of a pyramidin archaeology, and a PhD in Egyptology from Liverpool University, where I gained my first experience in teaching the subject. Afterwards I took up a Post-doctoral Fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge, and besides teaching at Cambridge University, I worked as a teacher and researcher in Egyptology also at the universities of Basel and Copenhagen.

I arrived in Uppsala as a Senior Lecturer in late 2012 and have been teaching and doing research here since then. I teach modules on Egyptian language and texts (Old-, Middle- and Late Egyptian and Coptic) and on political and cultural history as well as supervise Bachelor, Masters, and doctoral students in Egyptology. I hold a personal docentship at Helsinki University, where I teach occasionally and supervise Masters and PhD students. I also act as an external examiner for Copenhagen University.

My research focuses primarily on Egyptian-Coptic linguistics and philology. I carry out investigation on the morpho-syntax, semantics, pragmatics, typology, as well as cognitive and functional aspects of all the historical stages of the Egyptian language. I am also interested in the study of diachrony, methodology, and the history of Egyptological linguistic research. My more specifically philological work focuses on editing and publishing Coptic literary manuscripts (particularly hagiographic, martyrological, and Biblical texts) as well as on the study of what these texts reveal of the history of Late Antique and Byzantine Egypt and of early Christianity.


Last modified: 2022-01-27