Terje Östigård


Throughout my career I have been working cross-culturally, comparatively and inter-disciplinary and I have conducted fieldworks in Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Jordan, India, Nepal, Palestine, Tanzania and Uganda. Before doing research in Africa, I studied cremation and life-giving waters in Nepal and India during my MA (1998) and PhD (2004) -education.

An ecology and cosmology of water, weather and winter

Ingbo Spring, Uppland.

My current project focuses on water, weather and the winter in the cold north – or the Nordic agricultural societies and ritual practices. Throughout the world, the main seasonal rituals and sacrifices aim to engage with the divinities controlling the natural forces of cosmos. The changing water-worlds in the Nordic countries have determined the agricultural seasons, and societies’ success and failures, and the rich ethnography and folklore is used as an empirical and methodological entrance opening up this prehistoric world of ecological realities.

Personal webpage: www.oestigaard.com

Video: Cremation in Hinduism


Last modified: 2021-08-31