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Our competence within Scandinavian archaeology, Classical archaeology and culture, Global archaeology, Global Environmental History and Egyptology makes us into a treasure cave for students interested in prehistory and culture.

We offer courses on two campuses - in Uppsala and in Visby, Gotland.

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Research nodes


The Good City has transformed into Urban & Rural Space.


Research clusters

In our dynamic research environment we use clusters for different themes as fora for discussions, paper- and application writing.

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Student fieldwork

Fieldwork is an integral part of our education.

This year, two blogs accompanied the student excavations - one in Buttle on Gotland, and one in Hellby/Fyrislund, southwest of Uppsala City

Buttle student blog

Hellby/Fyrislund student blog

What is it like to study archaeology and ancient history?

Find out how some of our students feel about their studies and the future.

International conference Dec 8-10: From Snout to Tail

Exploring the Greek sacrificial animal from the literary, epigraphical, iconographical, archaeological and zooarchaeological evidence

Time: Dec 8-10, 2016

Venue: Blåsenhus, Bertil Hammer-salen

All welcome!

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Research profile

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Några av våra föreläsningar kan du också se i efterhand!

Upplev t ex Ian Hodder prata om Human-Thing entanglement, Neil Price om Att se och höra de döda, lär dig mer om benskörhet - allt i vår egen kanal!

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