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Our competence within Scandinavian archaeology, Classical archaeology and culture, Global archaeology, Global Environmental History and Egyptology makes us into a treasure cave for students interested in prehistory and culture.

We offer courses on two campuses - in Uppsala and in Visby, Gotland.

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Student fieldwork

Fieldwork is an integral part of our education.

This year, two blogs accompany the student excavations - one in Buttle on Gotland, and one in Hellby/Fyrislund, southwest of Uppsala City

Buttle student blog

Hellby/Fyrislund student blog

What is it like to study archaeology and ancient history?

Find out how some of our students feel about their studies and the future.

Workshop and open lectures May 26-30


26 May: "Whirls in Greek thought and beyond"

Time: 9.30-12 and 13-15.30

Venue: English Park Campus 2-0076 NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE!



Open lectures:


Friday May 27: Professor Pierre Bonnechere (Université de Montréal),"Oracles between truth and falsehood"

Tid: 10-12

Venue: English Park Campus 2-K1024


Monday May 30: Professor Pierre Bonnechere (Université de Montréal),"The Dodona lamellae between the literary and epigraphical traditions"

Time: 13-15

Venue: English Park Campus 2-K1024

Föreläsningarna arrangeras i samverkan med AGORA och Institutionen för lingvistik och filologi

Söderhavsarkeologi 1 juni

Det andra seminariet i en serie, Pacific Archaeology Seminars:

Pacific Histories from Scandinavian Points of View

Tid: 1 juni 10-17

Plats: Engelska Parken Campus 2-2033 10-12, 2-K1024 13-17 och Campus Gotland A334

Boklansering 15-15.30: Samoan Archaeology and Cultural Heritage - Monuments and People, Memory and History av Helene Martinsson-Wallin

Mer om seminariet

Mer om boklanseringen


Alla välkomna!

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Några av våra föreläsningar kan du också se i efterhand!

Upplev t ex Ian Hodder prata om Human-Thing entanglement, Neil Price om Att se och höra de döda, lär dig mer om benskörhet - allt i vår egen kanal!

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